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Changes to ASDS Membership Renewals

As you're hopefully aware, we are in the process of changing our membership renewals system. We are making these changes to assist ASDS to grow and support its membership more effectively. This information explains how these changes affect your membership and outlines how you can renew in the future.

Outline of the Changes

From 2018, membership fees will increase by £5. Whilst fee increases are never popular, the current membership fees have not increased in over five years. The increase we are implementing is at a rate lower than inflation and Council intend to hold these fee levels for as long as we can.

We are also moving from a rolling membership cycle to a calendar year membership. From 2019, all memberships will be for January-December. Payments made from November onwards will be counted to the next calendar year and we'll be encouraging members to renew during this time of year (November/December). This change will help ensure members receive their copies of Mortality and other membership benefits for an entire year. It should also reduce the workload of various Council members who volunteer their time for ASDS business.

There are two other changes also being made.

Firstly, we will be asking for proof of student status for student registrations from 2018. This will improve our ability to send targeted messages to our student members.

Secondly, we have introduced an organisational membership. This is available to non-academic organisations (e.g. hospices, funeral homes, third sector organisations) and is valued at £200. It includes all of the benefits of regular individual membership with the added bonus of up to three reduced registrations at each ASDS event and free job advertisements. If you are currently on an individual membership but would like an organisational membership, please contact the Membership Secretary (memberships@deathandsociety.org).

What to do now for 2018 fees

Since 2018 is our transition year, we have decided to pro-rata your membership fee for 2018. You will have been sent a letter with your 2018 pro-rata fee. You can pay this anytime from now until your renewal is normally due either via Paypal, direct bank transfer, or via cheque. Details for all of these payment methods are below.

To help us manage our records, we appreciate if you make your payment sooner rather than later. This also reduces the number of reminders you will receive from us over the coming months.

What to do for ongoing membership payments

This section is broken down by payment methods:

*If you pay by Paypal., you may have a subscription payment set up. This will need to be cancelled. You can do this by visiting your Paypal account. You can either set up a new subscription starting any time from now (late 2017) for the new fee amount (£5 more than previous years) or change your payment method to use a different one. If you have access to a UK bank account, we suggest paying by standing order; this is the most reliable and cost-effective way to pay for membership. Details about standing orders are on our website.

*If you pay by standing order. - this is the most reliable and cost-effective way to pay for membership. You will need to cancel your existing standing order and create a new one (using the letter on our website) or amend your current one to start from sometime after Nov 2017 (or in Nov/Dec 2018 if you have already paid for 2018). Please also amend it to reflect the new fee category. The process for this varies between banks, but typically you can review standing orders online, or amend them via telephone or in-branch banking. We are unable to make these changes on your behalf.

*If you pay by cheque., you can continue to pay for membership by cheque. If you have not yet renewed your membership for 2018 please send a cheque for your amended 2018 membership fee to the address in our standing order form (and listed below). Fees for 2019 will be due in November 2018. Alternatively, you may wish to set up standing order for your membership fees. Standing orders are the most reliable and cost-effective way to pay for membership; details about standing orders are attached to this letter.

Ways to pay for 2018

Paypal on-off payment (e.g. for 2018 fees): http://www.deathandsociety.org/register.php -> click the DONATE button on the right-hand side of the screen.

Bank transfer.: Association for the Study of Death and Society (ASDS)

HSBC Bank Sort Code: 40-33-51 Account number 90029068

Standing order. (for those with UK bank account): see the letter on our website. This is the most reliable and cost-effective way to renew your membership.

Cheque.: please address cheques to the Association for the Study of Death and Society. Send cheques to Aliki Karapliagkou, 19 Cambridge Street Bradford, BD7 3BX, UK.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this period of transition. We hope that you will continue to be a member of ASDS and support the growing field of death studies. If you have any questions about these changes, or about your membership, please contact Erica Borgstrom (Membership Secretary) at memberships@deathandsociety.org or dr.borgstrom@gmail.com. We will continue to be in touch during this transition period and look forward to helping you during this time.

Download the ASDS Standing Order form (for UK use only)

PDF version of this page (Web Information for Membership Changes 6/12/2017)