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Constitution of the Association for the Study of Death and Society

Agreed at meeting of ASDS Council on June 04, 2010, (amended 25th October 2013)

  1. The Association shall have the power to charge its members fees to cover the costs of its activities, website and publications in furtherance of the objectives of the group.
  2. The Association shall be managed by a council of no less than six and no more than fifteen members at any one time which shall include a president, deputy president, secretary, treasurer, membership secretary, website co-ordinator and postgrad representative. Council also has the right to co-opt one or more additional members as required at any time. All council members shall be fully paid up members of ASDS. All terms of office shall normally commence and end at an AGM. A quorum of five members, who may include the president and treasurer but not any other ex-officio members, shall be required to conduct council business.
  3. The Association shall choose a president-elect at the end of each fourth year who shall serve as president for one four-year term of office. The president will normally be selected by the Association from among present or previous members of the Association and their selection will be presented for ratification at the AGM prior to commencement of their term of office. Following their term of office they will not be allowed to stand for membership of council for the following four years.
  4. The deputy president, secretary, membership secretary and treasurer shall serve for a two or four year term of office to be agreed through consultation with council members. They will be selected by the council, following nominations by the council and the association's membership and their selection presented for ratification at the AGM prior to the commencement of their term of office. The secretary, membership secretary and the treasurer can stand for re-election at any time to any office. The general council members shall serve for two or four years and will be selected in the same way as the secretary, membership secretary and the treasurer. The postgrad representative will be elected by postgraduate members of ASDS for a fixed term of two years and will have full voting rights.
  5. Calls for nominations for council membership shall normally be circulated via the association's web-based mailing list and should be received prior to the AGM, although they may also be received at the AGM.
  6. The council shall have the power to co-opt members to fill vacant committee places for a two-year period of office, at which point their membership will be reviewed by council. Council shall also have the power to co-opt to ex-officio membership of the committee any person of their choosing provided there is complete consensus of agreement among them as to their choice. Such co-options shall be presented to the next available AGM for ratification.
  7. The duties of the president are: to chair general meetings of the Association and have the casting vote when votes cast on each side are equal, in addition to any other vote she or he may have; oversee the programme of activities of the council; ensure the activities of the association comply with its constitution and legal requirements; and liaise with the other bodies as required.
  8. The association's financial year will begin on January 1st and run through until December 31st.
  9. Records of the association's finances will be subject to inspection by an accountant every year.
  10. Attendance and participation at the AGM is not confined to members of ASDS but only fully paid up members of ASDS may vote. A quorum of 15 ASDS members, or 10% of the membership, shall be required to conduct the business of the AGM, whichever is the less. In the event of insufficient members attending the AGM, there will be a second email circulation of council's reports and any items of business to all ASDS members, with a request that any objections be registered within a month of their circulation. Where no objections are registered, reports will be recorded as accepted and other items of business as agreed.
  11. Constitutional changes shall normally be published on the ASDS website and via the web-based email list of members prior to the AGM at which they are to be discussed.
  12. Any matter not covered by this constitution shall be referred to the council for action.
  13. In the event of the winding up of the Association, all monies and assets of the council shall be collected and used to pay or make provision for the liabilities of the Association. Any remaining monies and assets must be applied directly for the purposes for which the Association has been formed or by transfer to any other organisation for purposes the same or similar to the Association.


Click here for PDF of the ammended constitution.

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