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ASDS Awards

To be part of the AGM at DDD conferences (biennial)

  1. 1. Nominees should be decided by the Council. Suggestions for nomination may be made by any ASDS member. Internal nominations may be accepted but they should not define the field. Suggestions accepted for Nomination to be decided as a sole right of Council. Serving members of Council ineligible to be nominees. The Council decision on awards is final.
  2. 2. Suggestions for Nomination should be sent to the Secretary.
  3. 3. Awards should be offered only by unanimous decision by the Council
  4. 4. Treasurer responsible for procurement of award artifacts. The artifacts should be standardized in design and quality.
  5. 5. Awardees informed and Invitations issued by the Secretary
  6. 6. Awards presented to awardees by the President at DDD AGMs
  7. 7. The General Members of Council (3) to review material for consideration of the Scholars Medal and to make advisory recommendations to Council. Council to make final decision.

ASDS Awards as a Word Doc (docx)

ASDS Awards as a Word Doc (pdf)