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Heather Conway (President)

    There are no publications added yet.

Helen Frisby (Secretary)

    There are no publications added yet.

Renske Visser (Administrator)

  • Visser, R. , MacInnes D, Parrot, J. and Houben F. (2021) Growing older in secure mental health care: the user experience. Journal of Mental Health. 30 (1) pp. 51-57
  • Visser, R. 2017 “Doing death”: Reflecting on the researcher’s subjectivity and emotions. Death Studies
  • Visser, R. & Parrott, F.R. 2014. Stability and change: the role of keepsakes and family homes in the lives of parentally bereaved young adults in the Netherlands. Mortality.

Giorgio Scalici (Memberships)

    There are no publications added yet.

Malcolm Stronach (Treasurer)

    There are no publications added yet.

Georgina Robinso (Postgrad Rep)

  • Robinson, Georgina M. 2021. Dying to Go Green: The Introduction of Resomation in the United Kingdom. Religions 12(2): 97.
  • Robinson, Georgina. 2020. The Disposal of the Body: Environmental Concerns. Pharos International 86(1): 42-46.

John Troyer (Website)

  • Technologies of the Human Corpse (forthcoming). University of North Carolina Press, 2015.
  • 'Technologies of the HIV/AIDS Corpse.' Medical Anthropology, Vol 29 (2) pp19-149, 2010.
  • Abuse of a Corpse: A Brief History and Re-Theorization of Necrophilia Laws in America. Mortality, Vol 13(2) pp132-152 , 2008.
  • Embalmed Vision. Mortality Vol 12 (1) pp 22-47, 2007.

Beth Michael-Fox

    There are no publications added yet.

Su Chard

    There are no publications added yet.

Panagiotis Pentaris

  • Mindfulness and Spirituality: Therapeutic Perspectives.
  • The role of background music in the experience of watching YouTube videos about death and dying.
  • Memorial Video Tributes and the enfranchised Grief of a Gay Widower
  • Religion, Secularism, and Professional Practice
  • Communicating Death via YouTube: The Functional Role of Music
  • Death, grief and loss in the context of COVID-19
  • Dying in a transhumanist and posthuman society
  • Religious literacy in hospice care: Challenges and controversies
  • Bereavement in grief among older LGBTQIA+ individuals
  • Religious literacy in end of life care
  • Chronic Illness and Childhood Death
  • The Socio-Political Context of Death and Dying
  • Negotiating Belief in Health and Social Care
  • Ageing and loss attitudes of social work students: a cross-sectional study
  • Integrating religion, belief and spirituality in social work practice: an exploratory study
  • Religious/spiritual referrals in hospice and palliative care
  • Older people in the context of COVID-19: a European perspective
  • UK public’s views and perceptions about the legalisation of assisted dying and assisted suicide
  • Knowledge and attitudes of hospice and palliative care professionals towards diversity and religious literacy in Cyprus: a cross-sectional study
  • A constructive analysis of the formation of LGBTQ families: where utopia and reality meet
  • Attitudes and perceptions of paramedics about end of life care: a literature review.
  • The cultural context of dying: Hawai`ian death conceptions and the gender divide
  • Cultural and religious diversity in hospice and palliative care: A qualitative cross-country comparative analysis of the challenges of health-care professionals
  • Professionals’ perceptions on barriers and challenges when accessing children’s hospice and palliative care services in the South East London: A preliminary study
  • The marginalization of religion in End of Life Care: signs of microaggression?
  • Religion and belief in Eastern Europe: An introduction.
  • Religion and belief in social work practice: a model of integration.
  • Impact of Covid-19 on mental health and associated losses
  • LGBTQ relationships and sex education for students
  • Belonging as a core construct at the heart of inclusion debate, discourse and practice
  • Locating death in children’s animated films
  • Working with loss through the lens of culture and faith
  • Culture and the Social Reality of Death: An Afghan Case Study

Douglas Davies

  • Emotion, Identity, and Religion: Hope, Reciprocity, and Otherness.(2011: Oxford University Press.
  • Joseph Smith, Jesus, and Satanic Opposition: Atonement, Evil, and Mormonism. (Ashgate. 2010)
  • Joseph Smith, Jesus, and Satanic Opposition: Atonement, Evil, and Mormonism. (Ashgate. 2010)

Lucy Willow

    There are no publications added yet.

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